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Flights and Transports

We will have transportation for guests from Florence to Castellina in Chianti on Friday, June 7th and back on Sunday, June 9th (will share exact times and location for pick-up and drop-off in Florence shortly). There will be shuttle services provided between the venue and town as well for the wedding weekend festivities (details to follow)

We recommend flying into Florence, Rome, or Milan. There are typically direct flights from the US to Rome and Milan. The train system is very easy so if you do choose to fly into Rome or Milan, there are several trains that can get you to Florence.


We have accommodation options for all our guests. Once it is confirmed you are coming, please RSVP and Liz will let you know the options available.

Other Important Tips

  • Double-check your passports and expiration dates. Passports must be valid for six months beyond the date the traveler will exit the US.
  • If you plan on renting a car, we recommend getting an International Drivers permit. It’s simple to get at an AAA facility.
  • For any pre or-post-wedding travel assistance or planning, feel free to contact Mary Shea at Website: